Why Good Grammar Is Important to Your Blog

Originally posted February 2012

Website Visitors Want Respect

Visitors to a website want to be treated with respect. The best way to show respect to your visitors is to have your website in good order. Links should work, images should be relevant to the subject matter, and your writing should show that you took the time to make sure it was right. If you rush through your posts just to get them out there, they will probably contain typos and other errors. When visitors come across these mistakes, they will make one or more conclusions:

  • The writer was careless
  • The writer does not know how to spell
  • The writer does not understand the English language
  • The writer is in a hurry to stuff content onto the site
  • The writer is unprofessional

None of those conclusions helps the website retain visitors. Visitors may spend less time browsing the site or be less likely to return.


Show your site visitors the respect they deserve. Correctly written content does matter.

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