Add Images to Your Blog

Make Your Web Site Interesting

Statue of LibertyWell-written text on a page may draw in a site visitor from a Internet search. Once they arrive, the goal is to keep them there. You want them to read your text. You want them to browse your page and the rest of the site. Very often, you want them to make a purchase. Although text is important, images are also vital. To make a page truly interesting to the visitor, you should include pictures.


Immediate Interest in Your Web Site

Madison AvenueWhen a visitor arrives at your page, they should see more than text. An entire page of nothing but text can intimidate or discourage. When the page loads, an image should be there to greet your visitor. While text may keep them there for a while, they must first be interested enough to read your content. If your page does not give them a good impression right away, they might not give you reading time. An image creates an impression instantly.


The Right Image Will Make a Web Page Successful

New York SubwayChoose your images well. Whether it is a graph, a cartoon or a photo, you should take time to make sure your picture is interesting. You should also make sure it is relevant. Don’t make the mistake of choosing and exciting image that has nothing to do with your content. Visitors will feel betrayed and will most likely leave before reading your message. With the right mix of interesting and relevant, your reader will be hooked immediately and will probably stick around to absorb the remainder of your message.

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