How to Choose an Image for Your Blog

Choose the Right Image for Your Blog

An exciting, beautiful or provocative image goes a long way when it is added to a blog. Once you have written your content, you need to choose an image to go with it. Selecting the right image is not just an art, it is a technology. The right picture should have something to do with your text.


The Wrong Picture for Your Blog

CatGlassesI once happened upon a dynamic picture of a breaching shark. The blog article was about dogs –or bears? I don’t remember because once I realized the website owner had betrayed my interest, I left. Your picture should lend directly to your subject matter. It is OK to make it artistic or implied. I wrote a blog series on writers block in which all the images were photographs of dirt roads. The implied idea was that the readers should solve their writers’ block and continue down the road. The images implied the idea and, since they all had similar images, the series was tied together with a theme. Take the time to consider the subject matter of your blog entry. Choose an appropriate image to go with it.


Use Your Own Photos on Your Blog

New York Christmas LightsYour personal photo album is a great place to look for images. You own the photos, freeing you to use them in any way you see fit. If you need a photo of a door in this age of digital photography, go out find one that suits you purpose. It is quite easy to take a ten-minute trip to get the photo you need.


Use Free Images from the Internet on Your Blog

GuySmokeEgoIf photography is not your suit, the Internet is full of photos. However, many of the photos on the Internet are not really there for you to use as you please. You can capture these images in a variety of ways that are less than scrupulous. If you want respect on the web, don’t use underhanded means to get your photos. Search out photos by entering “free photo sharing,” “free images,” “free jpg,” or other search terms. You can enter thousands of alternatives to find your free photos. You will find that not all “free” images are actually free. Leave those sites and keep looking elsewhere.


Use Copy Image Location Feature to Collect Blog Images

Florida trail signA third alternative is to use the copy image location feature. Find the photo you want online and right click on it. A box should appear that includes copy image location. Paste this text into a document temporarily -or use it immediately, if you know how. Most blogging programs have the ability to insert images via this method. You are usually off the hook for copyrights because you have created a link back to the original website. Website stats are based on this type of link. By using copy image location, you are actually helping the site where you found the image. Naturally, if the site specifies that it doesn’t want you to use an image, don’t do it! Too many other images exist on the web to justify using dirty tactics.

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