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A Message from Web Master, Brad Beard

Originally posted Dec 29th 2011

Professional Writing Services

I write professionally for various clients, primarily on the Internet. With the freedom of the World Wide Web, almost everyone now owns a web site. For those who have a professional interest in the Internet, it is important to have good page content to satisfy search engines and please site visitors. Thanks to this growing need, I have a gained number of clients who use my writing services to enhance their web pages.

Online Writing Services

I have written for AOL, law firms, hospitals, advertising sites and more. I enjoy adding my personal style to my work, while paying close attention to client needs and specific requests. This year, I have written over 700 posts, which have appeared on more than 160 web sites. I hope to produce even more in the coming year.

SEO and More

Trained in skills that include web site development and SEO, I do my best to make my writing as optimum as possible for my clients.

Visit Me at

If you are in need of written web site content, feel free to contact me at my web site,, or email me at I would be happy to help you improve your site.

Welcome to Brad Beard’s Write4Writers Blog

Originally posted April 9th 2011

I’m happy to be the first to blog for our great new site, We are all looking forward to helping writers locally, nationally and internationally with their writing aspirations. Our local group operates out of the Tampa Bay area of Florida, USA. Our purpose is to encourage writers and those who hope to write. We emphasise positive encouragement and shy away from and discourage aggressive commentary.

Our members are a fun mix of brand new writers and seasoned professionals. We have former English teachers, a college professor, a professional editor, a political speech writer, and several professional copy writers. A number of our members’ day job is writing. We very are proud of our group.

Our local group is called Palm Harbor School of the Novel and we look forward to sharing what we know about the craft of writing with web visitors. Be sure to keep coming back as we continuously update and add to our website.