A Writer’s Travel Essentials

Man on beachPerhaps writers look like all other travelers just like we look like all other people in general. However, we’re as different from other travelers as we are in general.  Just like photographers ‘see’ photo ops in moments the rest of us wouldn’t notice, writers constantly see ‘ideas’ worth jotting down for future development.  These ideas may come from an unusual name we hear, a piece of dialog we overhear, a smell that whiffs by transporting us to another time and place, a certain touch, and, oh, the visuals!

Girl playing in sandI learned early on that I couldn’t trust my memory to record all the writing ideas popping up in front of me everyday.  In the beginning of my writing career, eons ago, I carried a cassette recorder and a heavy, awkward bundle of photo equipment. Thank goodness those days are gone forever. What I carry daily now, I also carry whenever I travel. So, let’s get you ready to travel as ‘writer’.

Your Travel Writer needs might look like this:

wpfb9cf9a7_05#1, of course, is your e-gadget for all the obvious reasons.  #2 Kindle or Nook or book, mags are great, too, because as writers we need to be reading.  #3 Your gadget or cell most likely has a camera, but for long trips, I also take my digital. Make certain you pack your camera case with extra batteries, x-cards, a flash drive and all essential cords.

Now, let’s talk old school for a moment. #4 In case all power fails or is ‘unavailable’, it’s always good to carry a tablet and at least two pens.  Not that you’re necessarily going to write a chapter, but you will want to write down those great ideas that occur to you.  They can be fleeting and forever sent spinning off into the universe for some other, more prepared writer to jot them down. I hate it when that happens!  So, travel ready, well and often, not necessarily lightly.

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