Advice for Beginning Writers

Writers write


You may be feeling like that hiding, little elf above; you have a lot to say, to write about, but you’re not all that sure you’re ready to speak up and step out where you can be heard.  So, adopt the elf’s positive attitude, open your arms to embrace this new journey, stay in the reeds a while, get your proverbial feet wet.  How?  Write, write, write.

“Write what?,” you ask.  For now, the first step of your journey...your beginning, it doesn’t matter.  Pick a form that you know, like ‘letters’, ‘journals’, ‘editorials’.  The first is for you and a reader, the second is usually best for you and the third, the editorial, might be appropriate for a local newspaper or, most often, best for file 13.

Which brings me to Caution #1:  Preaching, dumping and scolding are good for no one, not even you, because they are negatives and boring.  If you must preach, do it at church; if you must brow-beat, do it at political rallies and spare the readers you want to accompany you on this marvelous journey.  Ready?

Next lesson:  Getting You Started.


Five Rules for the Bedrock of Writing


  1. Read, read and read
  2. Write what you know
  3. Write in the genre you like  to    read
  4. Write like you talk and develop your unique voice.
  5. Let what you write least overnight.

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