Fun Stuff


Sometimes when the first glistening rays of the dawn spill across the threshold of my window, I cannot help but think to myself, “Aw crap.”


Shirley S.

Shirley has recently won the Nobel Peace Prize for creating peace in central Africa with her groundbreaking novel Hey, Knock It Off. She is currently working on a novel about the Middle East entitled WTF. Founder of Camelot Sword Fighting School, she spends her free time editing manuscripts in her Monte Carlo villa.



Brad's award-winning lecture series on Ubekistan, Never Been There is currently on a slide show tour in the Sudan. Brad's latest novel on the 1990's, I Slept, Mostly, is available in local bookstores. Brad has taken a unique approach to his book signings, which he calls "Phoning it in."


Miriam G.

Miriam's work with under-privlaged Hobbits in New Zealand has been recognized worldwide. She is presently working on her latest of 7 taxidermy novels entitled, Hit it, Stuff it, Mount it. When taking a break from off-road racing, Miriam enjoys writing Neo-Gothic romance and sipping Brazilian tea.


Brian R.

Brian has published 27 novels and has won the Nebula award 13 times. He teaches at Harvard in his spare time, when not touring the world for his successful travel magazine, I've Been There And You Haven't. Brian's world famous wheat-grass topiary display is currently on tour in Iceland.