The Dream of Publication


Keep the Dream of Publication

Getting published is the dream of almost all writers. Some have realized the dream while others still work toward it. Keep that in mind, because if you believe you have failed to get published, it’s not quite true. The reality is that you have not been published yet.


Route to Publication

Getting your writing into public media is not always easy. Sometimes it takes years. It all depends on what you have decided to publish. Full-length books will require much more time than shorter works. It will also depend on whether you have decided to self-publish or go with more traditional routes.


Essays on Publishing

We will try to help you with essays on publishing here at Write4Writers, as well as giving you links to places where you can learn more –or even get published!

Posted 22:49 Jan 9th 2012

Make Money Writing Web Site Content

Ad revenue sites give writers a platform to write their blogs. Because so many writers post on them , they get good search engine results. Below is a list of sites that, reportedly, pay a little bit more. Try them out on your own and then let us know what you find. You know we will!


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Yahoo!  Shared ad revenue or pay per article  Bid on jobs available  $15-$25 or more/article  Clients shop your written content. You set price.


Keep in mind that the quality of your published writing counts. If you are just starting out, aim for the shared ad revenue sites to get your feet wet.