They’re offering you their best skills at the least charge possible; take a look below: the fees are lower than you usually see because they want to share what they know, and they want your business!

Brad and Shirley work with all genres and will:

Read, evaluate and offer extensive suggestions for your:

  1. Query, 1 page                                          

  2. Cover Letter, 1 page                                 

  3. Synopsis, 1 page                                      

  4. First Ten Pages                                        

  5. First Chapter   (10 pgs. recommended)        

  6. First Three Chapters                                  

  7. Completed First Draft ($2/pg)         

  8. Completed Final Draft (up to 400 pgs)         

What you will get:

Total concentration with no clock-watching

Complete, detailed analysis, resulting in suggestions, examples, changes to consider

A one to 20 page analysis (depending on service requested) covering: themes, plots, sub-plots, point of view, character development, dialog, narrative description, flashbacks, arc, resolution, genre placement, marketing tips

Brad & Shirley are here for you.  They will help you sort through your skills, your writing goals, your first drafts, your final drafts, and your marketing needs.

To get started toward a better writing future, contact us now to sign up for this great offer!



Manuscript Editors Working for You!

Shirley Rounds-Schirz and Brad Beard are professional manuscript editors with a combined 45 years experience in writing and publishing.  They are ready, willing and able to help you make your writing–spot on!









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